First post New Nano Blog


The Alchemical Recipes for discerning how to use this brand new blog are yet to be fully revealed.

I will let myself flounder, a bit, until I find the write ways to relax into conjuring my own  Alchemical Recipes for distilling and creating this year’s Nano Novel.

Today I’m going to see what combination of ideas feels the most fecund, maybe even fetching. The Green Man is playing invitingly in my consciousness along with a  cozy murder mystery that is not all that cozy.

 Perhaps a few of the Magical Realism aspects of the novel I’m presently writing may find their way in this 08 Nano Novel.. Am I really Here Now? Or will this post disappear and then reappear somewhere else in time or timing when I press the Puglish, button.  The word Puglish made me smile so I left it.  I really meant Publish.  I’d love to Publish my Nano and all my books.  Well, of course.  Is anything of course? I suppose it is, if it is not off course.


Today I am going to navigate wisely,  with wit,  whimsy and probably a few severe rubber cushions. Well repercussions but perhaps repercussions can be splendid. Cussions like cushions instead of a…con..cussion.. I will have to add a etymological dictionary here.  I wonder if that is possible? 

Possibly I will now re turn to the liminal space where the ideas for the Nano will Alchemically Marry and all will be darn delightful….a word and a breath at a time.


Consider means with the stars.

Disaster means against the stars.


I love that Nano stars at Sawhain, Celtic New Year time.




Cheers  Aisling aka Laurel

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