The Rhythm of the Novel

The rhythms of each day are so varied.  I first need to get into rhythm with myself.  Actually I need to discover what the rhythm is today and then choreograph/ weave- writing- time into the fluidity of the day.

I write better when no thing is static. Though writing for a fortnight of minutes, that surprised me.  Writing for at least two hours a day and as many more as I can becomes an ever deepening rhythm and rhythms too.

I love when I write like the Queen of Cups. This Queen is water of water, fully absorbed in what she is conjuring, receiving and translating through words.

On the Nano Boards I posted the quest ion

Is it true that all body sensations – thoughts, feelings, etc are taken in first as images and only later translated into words?  The answers have been fecund and stimulating.


Today I feel that the rhythm of my novel will have rhythm as a quintessential part of its theme.  I will explore how first there is an image, which we then choose or do not choose to translate into words.  I feel myself being drawn into the Queen of Cups.  Much richness here, where?  Much richness in how important it is to dance, do yoga, walk, write, paint…whatever- to align oneself with the deeper rhythms each day.

 Is this the Tao of the Day?  Each resonance with the rhythms of the day and the particular novel become fulfilling as one’s rhythms deepen, and as the subjective way of describing the initial images become freer and more fluid.


Solutio in Alchemy is water. ” Dissolve wisely into that which you write”, says the Queen of Cups for today.


Write well and enjoy

Blessed Be

Aisling aka Laurel

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