Voice, Vice and Vicissitudes

As I am explore voices and vices of different characters, I have literally lost my voice.

I have to sub my Yoga Classes today as I have no voice.  It’s strange, in the past, when I’ve been sick, I’ve had at least a wee bit of a voice.  Today I open my mouth and no-thing is said.

The only other time something close to this happened, is when I was really unwise to go on a trip with a bloke who was definite trouble.

I once taped my television show on the theme of silence.  It was a strange show.  Almost as strange as when I read Gaelic Poetry.  Gaelic is healing.  I am going to make a soundtrack for a character who doesn’t speak very much, perhaps not even for daze at a time.


To health and just a few more days before Sawhain and the Beginning of November Nano.


best A and L

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