Day 1 – Neptune’s Thunder and Hummingbirds

I’m so excited about my Nano Novel.


 I’m taking a wee break from writing to post here, for the fun of it all.  My internet connection is behaving with more quirkiness than is ideal.


Intense thunder and two hummingbirds surround me as I write on my porch.  My porch is a bit like a tree house.  I decided to write from the voice of the Neptune Woman that arose within me yesterday. This is a novel I’ve wanted to write;  when Daria appeared and was ready to tell her story, I thought great.  Daria is her current name.  She lives in Edinburgh.  I’ll be back later to tell you more.

I’ve been so engrossed in learning craft that my naturally quicksilver pace of writing slowed wayyyyy down. What a gift to be fluid and far more in my natural rhythms in writing this Nano Novel Now.


Thank you Devon!


Blessings to all


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