Mandalas’s, Mandorla’s and Bindus

Today’s word count, thus far, is 5824.

Although today is a teaching Yoga Marathon day, I want to stay connected to Neptune’s Dream.

It made me smile when I typed the words Neptune’s Dram.  What I mean is,  I’m often connected to Neptune’s Dream. Today I want to stay connected to my Nano Novel, Neptune’s Dream.


Symbols are Transformers of Consciousness. The Symbol is the bridge between the conscious and the other than conscious mind.  As I run off to teach the first class, hoping a voice will be there when I open my mouth to speak.. If no voice arises, I will teach silently and create from the grace and probably giggles of the Muse.

I like that Muse and Mysterium Magnum both begin with M.  mmmmmmmm

Mandala’s, Mandorla’s and Bindus




revisiting the Mandala
The Sacred Circle

The No Thing
That contains
Every no thing

circling within all the circles and cycles of our lives

what is the center point now?
what centers us
contains us
invokes the center in us
that is connected to every other center?

on this day

musing on initiations 

and the labyrinth of each gesture
to invoke the center
again and again
ever more deeply

Blessings Health and Peace
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