How to get to Skye

Narina was born on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and has two sisters. 

I realize that having my character’s names shape-shift, may mirror my enjoying having quite a few online names mySelf.

Narina is becoming a name I quite like for the Heroine of my Novel, Neptune’s Dream. Usually I research a name to see what it means. I’ve not looked up the name Narina.  She says her close friends call her Narnia, but I’m not sure about that.

Writing is going a bit slow today as I am ‘under the weather.’ What a bizarre description of not feeling well. Does ‘under the weather’ mean that I got caught in a rainstorm and found shelter in a cave?

I will post the word count for the day later.  

How to get to Skye

From the west coast of Scotland, there are 3 routes onto the island:

by bridge from Kyle of Lochalsh

by ferry from Glenelg

by ferry from Mallaig

Full details given below

By road, Kyle of Lochalsh is: 75 miles north of Fort William 80 miles south-west of Inverness 180 miles north of Glasgow


Not at all sure why the print is so large. I tried to change it but it didn’t acquiesce to my desire. 



 Explore the Mysterium Magnum

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