Trusting the moods of the characters

The writing today is confounding and mischievous..  I’m exploring writing a scene and then writing what happened just before the scene, and  then writing what happened just after the passionate activity. Devon, my wonderful writing mentor, shared this way of working with me, and I found it intriguing and helpful.

At the moment I’m a little dazed, but having fun. I’m doing the best I can to tolerate the gazillion roads that appear and wish to be taken next.  Devon wrote about finding the music of a particular piece of writing.  The music is a combination of Sigur Ros and the Grateful Dead.

A long strangely wonderful road its being,  with many labyrinths, a mazes and round a bouts. I’m Grateful and not yet Dead.  Icelandic music with non sense lyrics serenades me.

 The goth girls in posts are from LiveJournal.

I have a Journal and a myriad of writerly ways of communicating. These ways of writing are floating around creating magic and gentle mayhem.     Word Count today is 11,473  


Health and Blessings to All


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2 Responses to Trusting the moods of the characters

  1. You’re doing so well!

  2. aislingnano says:

    Thank you!

    I’m still thinking about the round a bout your mystery has taken today.
    well done to you too!

    Cheers and Thank Goodness and Goddess about the election.

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