a possible structure emerges

An idea for my Nano Novel Structure came to me today.  What if I created four folders named Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Then each day I could write my novel with a focus on whichever element I was drawn to and drop it in the proper folder.  


I’m hoping in Scrivener I can then figure out how to create a 3 by 5 card for each elemental writing of the day and then by rearranging the 3 by 5  cards which  also somehow connect to outline, which will also be helpful, I think I can in december arrange and rearrange the cards until I discover how my novel flows together in the most intriguing way.  As I then learn the color code and key words aspects of the program this way of structuring my nano novel could possibly flow beautifully. Is this way of working possible when I learn how to take the various steps?


thank you


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