New Title – The Dissolving Detective

The word count today is 16690.


Today the name of my novel transformed from Neptune’s Dream into The Dissolving Detective.

Today I met a few other nano novel writers to do a ‘write-in.”  It was fun and helpful to write with others. It made me feel that the whole world is writing nano novels.  When I asked my students in the pilates on the ball class if anyone was doing Nano, I was quite surprised that no one had ever heard of Nano, until Now.


My story is continuing to begin to find a form and I am quite excited.  


The Storyteller

A new bookcase, tall like the ladder reaching to the Stars, becoming Stars, books
becoming stars, star dust like when we follow the North Node in our Sky Map-
sometimes there is Star Dust as wayshower, as a gift for doing the Alchemical Yoga Stretch
to embody the Stellar Pattern we are asked to share. 

Books and bookshelves are Sacred Containers for the infinite knowledge and wisdom that is bestowed and not exactly stowed away but definitely we want to remember.
Memory being a gift of the High Priestess , helping us align with that which is true to our Soul.

This bookcase has a magical playfulness in its design, and it let’s me build stairways with side and slide doors and to differentiate and yet integrate the vast
areas of learning that I love so well. the name of my site and my work and that
which I love.

Symbols are transformers of Consciousness.

I write to save lives
perhaps mine.

thanks to all those who have written books that have been stepping stones.
And to those that have designed magical bookcases to behold and
to uphold and to hold books.

Writing and reading blessings

Aisling aka Laurel Kahaner  Symbolic Bridging

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