Alchemy lounge – episode 1

Alchemy Lounge #1 Brooke carries a waterfall inside    by Laurel

Brooke doesn’t want to live at Alchemy Lounge-a large gothic industrial almost blue grass kind of building. Her friends describe the ramshakle group of flats as seriously cool with just enough grunge. Her friends  don’t speak a language that she understands. Actually, no one speaks Brooke’s language, a watery way to weave words. 


To Brooke life either rises or falls in streams. Of late these streams have unfortunately come to sound like screams.


The penultimate reason- Brooke is moving to the Alchemy Lounge is that she knows the landlord is an Alchemist.  Brooke was an intern at the Jungian institute and had found Alchemy to be bloody marvelous. In fact she  told her current soon to be ex lover, Jal, that Alchemy  saved her life.  


Brooke had a feeling that the best way to get to get to know the landord, Kerey was to not necessarily to reside at Alchemy Lounge. 

Befriending Kerey had not worked out as she had hoped.  They both were doing Nano.  Nano is where gazillions of people all over the world take the month of November to write a novel of 50,000 words.  Brooke is thrilled when she learns that Kerey spends a fair amount of time on the Nano boards and posts intricate questions and whimsical answers often.

She wrote to him several times under her Nano Name which is Mistress A Muse.  Kerey wrote  back that if she wanted to talk she would have to move to Alchemy Lounge. Brooke thought he was kidding.  She wrote several fecund flowing ferociously fun e-males to him, but he was consistent and not flowing at all.

I only invite one to  live at Alchemy Lounge if they may be ready for Alchemy.  Dear Brooke, I invite you to become a resident of Alchemy Lounge.  Only you know if this timing is apropos for you.  

Kerey’s last e-male had read “I pulled the Tarot Card the Fool when I think of you.  Do you dare to take the next leap,  Brooke, or wilt thou drown?


Brooke decides that she will become a resident of Alchemy Lounge.  She also decides that when she moves in she will bring at least one waterfall with her.

She wonders how many stairs she will have to climb with a waterfall up to her new flat.



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