Winter Solstice Aubade

On a temporal plane, twixt man and woman, fair Aisling, the Alchemy of which you speak, is but lust, desire and/or love. 

On a spiritual plane, tis ritualisation bordering on the Divine:

Your intriguing post suggests that Alchemy and eros are kindled from the same scintillating flames. Tis true. Yet although Fire initiates many Alchemical processes there are infinite Alchemical Recipes. For the Alchemy to unfold exquisitely an Alchemical Container must be present and presence. This Chalice needs to sustain the tension of the opposites without breaking any links as it holds, not witholds, the great work of the Mysterium Magnum. I am viewing Scrivener as an Alchemical Container- strong enough to hold immense amounts of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and quintessentially to conjure poetry within its secret Colors, Labels, Pushpins, notecards and the myriad links and lexicons that are palpable if not entirely discernable, yet, on this Winter Solstice eve of liminal lessons and laughter/learning……all ways with eros – the substance of source.

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