If Dissolve is the theme, then what?


It feels wise to have more clarity about my theme.
Any thoughts on what I’m exploring are deeply appreciated.
Thank you

Theme seems to be one way to try to contain the plethora of material that wonderfully and wantonly comes flowing in during writing.

I remember listening to a tape where a woman talked about her theme; it was ‘the passage through the dark leads to the light’ or another was’ the willingness to step into the water, gives you the courage to swim.’

I am exploring the alchemical dissolve and congeal and how that relates to Solutio and Neptune.

What I mean is I believe that with a strong Neptune influence there is a desire to dissolve into many things. Over time we learn to dissolve into wiser and wiser things. I thought to have my detective need to dissolve into a mystery in order to solve it.
She will find the old ways of dissolving don’t work as well any longer, and that new ones have to be discovered.

so then what is my theme?

I believe that every day we each need to consciously encounter other realms and to have the courage to dissolve into them.
This would not work if i was pitching it. let me try again I believe that altered states of consciousness are as real as the so called ordinary reality and that in order to find an ever deepening way to dance with the mystic one must be willing to over dissolve…(not quite..yikes) and then to discover how to dissolve in ever more contained ways..but how can you be contained and still dissolve?
and yet if I am to understand the next level of theme, I have to dissolve my understanding of what theme means t me now….

I’m not sure how to create a theme from this..Any help greatly appreciated.

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