Inside the Story

what if a woman who is a gifted storyteller finds herself trapped inside one of the story’s she tells and can not get out again?

Pemba has been telling stories since she was a little girl. She now lives in Edinburgh and is trying to find a storytelling career niche for herself during the Edinburgh Festival. On this third year of her telling stories she has gathered a large and enthusiastic following.

One night she tells a new story. She finds herself trapped inside this story. She can not get out. Most of the audience doesn’t notice that something remarkable transpired. The audience has an experience that is thrilling and strange,but not easy to describe. 

Three people in the audience realize the story teller hasn’t moved since she almost finished her tale. Two of the people continue to wonder what happened. One that notices something is amiss walks the strangely vacant story teller back to her flat and lies down beside her in the hopes that sleep and dreams will heal whatever has traveled beyond the Tao.

The dreams this night star tle the visitor; and the storyteller has no intention of ever re turning to “this world.” 

But soon she has to make a decision. This decision has to do with the power of story and the commitment to where a story takes you that is far more powerful than where you might have wished to be taken.

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