non verbal explorations-first attempt

What to Communicate How to Communicate Non-Verbally
1. How would you show that you want something? 

I would look at it longingly, linger over it, return to it, point at it, take a deep breath while I gaze at it.

2. How would you show your approval? 

I might nod or smile. I might clap my hands. I might raise my eyebrows and nod.

3. How would you show your disapproval? 

I might turn away, or frown, or shake my head no. I might step back or place my hands up as if to block whatever might be coming towards me.

4. How would you get someone to sit down where you wanted? 

I would take the other seat, or gesture with an open palm, or place something they might wish to read on the seat I’ve chosen.

5. How would you get someone to stop what he or she was doing? 

I would step away, shake my head no, possibly take away from them what ever they were holding. I might leave the room or shake them.

6. How would you signal to someone that you needed help? 

I would scream without screaming. I might raise my arms as if exasperated by the situation, I might cry or sit down and not get up though cars were coming. 

7. How would you act if you wanted someone to leave you alone?

This just happened. I was at the library on the internet. A man passed me a poorly written note that said “I like older women.” My birthday is tomorrow and I was not thrilled with the note. I pointed to my computer and mouthed the words novel and then fully focused on my writing. I did mouth thank you, though i suppose, mouthing the words, without sound, is not actually non-verbal.

I would focus intensely on whatever I was doing.

8. What would you do if you wanted people to think you were self-confident? 

Enjoying a tall elegant dancer’s body and moving with grace and a certain sense of being comfortable in my body.

9. How would you show someone that you wanted him or her to be quiet? 

I would open my palms as if “give me a f……..break.” I would glare at them. I might put my right finger to my lips but probably not.

10. How would you show someone that you liked him or her? 

I would smile an inviting smile. I would attempt to maintain eye contact a wee bit longer than I normally would. I might pantomime some gesture that seemed apropos and flirtatious at the time.

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