Exploring Andaliski, Juggling and Maslow’s needs

I just searched for Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs on the web. I’m going to explore Maslow’s needs applied to a character I am creating, here, to see if I can grasp a bit of what you are sharing.

Physiological Needs-

A character named Andaliski never feels like he has a home. Although he’s lived in many homes, he does not feel he ‘knows’ what home means.

Safety Needs

Although Analiski tells himself that he is a somewhat happy vagabond gypsy guy who juggles- he never feels entirely safe. Juggling is the only thing that gives him a sense of life in balance. Juggling has become a metaphor for the way he lives his life.

Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness

Although he juggles women, trying to keep at least three in the air at all times, he doesn’t understand love. He wants love and thinks that he loves the women. The women don’t feel loved by him. They sense that if only they could get his attention for a wee bit longer he would find that he loves them. 

Needs for Esteem

He is a brilliant juggler and can juggle an unusual variety of things in unique ways. He gets much feedback that he is amazing. His self-esteem is in place, almost.

Needs for Self-Actualization

He feels a need to discover who he really is in addition to being a skilled juggler, though he knows that juggling will always play a great part in his life.

How can he desire to know more of who he is if he has never found a home and doesn’t feel particularly safe?

Feedback appreciated.
Thank you

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