Alchemical Alphabets

Blackest Raven’s wing conjures Alchemical Alpha bets

Alpha bets do not belong to a particular lexicon

although the sound effects, aubades and laughter are intrinsic, instrumental and delight full y danger ous

on this liminal night n gale of surrendering to the fecund fortunes that await those that write novels and other agile learners, learnings, angles and

the daimon as in the wise guide who is mischevious (sea?), marvelous and mellifluous in its callings and recallings and it is calling now…..recalling…….remembering- creating/conjuring… ing – Raven’s wings type a word and then the three novels begin to braid together and to weave and ………. I……….type/dance/dream – now there are four novels.   A quaternity of Alchemical relation ships and interwoven dreamdesirers.


blessed be


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