Memory, Threads of Writings and Rafts



When I reread my thread I remember things I have already half forgotten.

What is your relationship to your thread? Do you remember everything/most things on it? Do you read it over and over to let the ideas soak into you, burn into you ever more deeply?

I love the weaving and interweaving of discovery and creation that is each of our threads.

I’m wondering how others stay in relation to the richness of discovery explored in the thread and how you remember all of it.

I wish to remember all the riches, and yet it is fluid and perhaps it would be wiser to just enjoy the riches of the thread-stream, and trust I will remember what I need when it is time to write the first draft. 

The word draft is so close to the word raft. When we finally write- perhaps the thread becomes a raft on the quickly moving waters of the other than conscious mind.

Thoughts? Ideas? Rafts?


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