ƒinding again………

For the Gemini New Moon, years ago, I have written an ersatz science fiction story.

Gemini is the first air sign.Gemini is excited by communicating in a myriad of ways.

In Gemini time I continue to work on my mystery novels.

I am looking forward to creating a mysterious plot for one of my mysteries.

I have several openings for new clients. I’m looking for clients who wish to deepen their connection to the Creative.  I combine Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Astrology, Creative Writing and more.

One can decide as they walk up the stairs which combination of these arts is the apropos Alchemical Mix for their session that day.

any questions please e-mail laurel@symbolicbridging.com

and now for the very Gemini Science Fiction Story

From Infrared to Ultraviolet by Laurel

“I have computer files on every woman I’ve dated since I was fourteen.” Jake spits into his palms, rubs them together, looks at them, scowling. He doesn’t look at Meg, she doesn’t fit into his filing system.

“Well defragment the damn files so we can catch the space train to the outer hebridean planet of poetry pulsars”.

Meg feels for the round circle behind her neck that tells the time. In the 23rd century people know that time is fluid and moody. They know it is not wise to let time lead; there are still many timeless mysteries to discover.

For now, the evolutionary step taken, is to wear time, like a collar of one who is kept, and backwards so that time doesn’t lead. The being-kept-by-time, collar design, is intended to help lead to one being honest. Wearing a watch on the back of the neck facilitates one having to guess at time.

“I can’t defragment the files, they predate defragmentation and will detonate.”

“your not afraid of the files detonating”. Meg forces herself not to look at the clock behind her neck. She presses the third button on her silver belt, the silver button.

Jake’s files rearrange in strange ways that spitting into one’s hands does not control. He stares at the screen and then sees that the silver button creates new space in his rock solid spit system of filing women.

“Damn, Meg, how’d you do that?” Meg runs her fingers over the infrared button and then the ultra violet button.

“Your choice,” Jake.

“What kind of choice?”

“The red is instinct, infrared, the violet, is archetype, ultraviolet.”

Jake looks from Meg’s belt to what is left of his file system.

“If we’re going to catch the space train to the poetry pulsar planet we better get going.”

“Which button?” Meg demands.

This woman definitely does not fit into his old filing system. She takes his cold hand tracing shaky fingers over the infrared button as he feels the raw power of instinct. He shakes his head no. She brings his finger to the violet button. He feels the archetypal energies that are far beyond himself and Meg. He nods yes. Forgoing instinct and depending on the Archetypal whim of whatever Goddess and God are in the mood for a recently defragmented psyche heading off to a poetry planet Jake and Meg lean towards the future.

The future reaches back to claim them as Meg and Jake run to catch the silver train heading to the poetry planet. Flinging themselves into the space between now and quicksilver, they land on the train, like a child shooting her first rubber band at an older kid on the block.

They are catapulted into a witty repartee as the train gathers speed…..quicksilver communication, that can never be filed or claimed consumes them. They chat, all the way to the poetry pulsar planet.

They don’t remember anything that is said, but both know this exchange is the most intriguing conversation of their lives.

Jake never again creates a file for a new girlfirend and Meg adds three additional buttons to her magic belt. The two stay on the Planet of Poetry Pulsar until they learn the ancient power of songspell, as a doorway to whatever planet they wish to explore within themselves. They also explore the other planets in the science fiction worlds of the outer Hebridean galaxies.

Detonating all filing systems and beginning to learn the art of timing, they leave behind time, but not each other. They remain friends, as they continue to journey between the infrared and ultraviolet worlds,defragmenting whatever gets between splendid communication.


Astrology, Yoga, Tarot, Meditation

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