a very rough sketch of a faery tale I am going to retell

Daughters and animals disappear.

A farmer searches and comes upon a dog, is this a dog star or a dog dog?

The dog wants to marry the oldest sister. only if she will have thee.

she will not.

the youngest daughter decides to have the dog who turns into a fetching princely king. daughter wants to see father.

bloke says come back before you have our child. she agrees.

She does not come back.

she falls ill, music comes, the child disappears. music stops.

she takes bridle, shakes bridle and a steed comes and she goes off riding until she reaches home, back with the now handsome bloke who sometimes is a dog.

This happens twice more, all together thrice. each time she was to return before the child was born.

.the third time, her father threatened to kill various people and she told the tale.  Which the sexy bloke had said to keep secret..

this time she could not get home and her man was to marry another

and was lost to her.

she had to do all kinds of things to seek to find him.

Finally she does find him

and she has to be more than she is and discover all kinds of magickal bits inside her or all is lost.

she does discover this and there is to be an alchemical marriage and the three children must be somewhere

but they are not mentioned

and I mention them

the children are guile whimsy and wait a while A and they all live within a complicated loving alchemical cauldron of a creative home and prosper and thrive and move to Scotland. ~

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