Laurel aka Aisling

Laurel Kahaner
Laurel teaches Yoga Flexibility, Yoga Dreams and Bodies On the Ball. She’s been teaching for over ten years, is a writer, an astrologer, and has had her own TV show “Symbolic Bridging” for over a decade. In her classes, Laurel works with her students’ creative imagination as it relates to the body, and tries to focus on the mind, body and spirit. She’s known for her soothing voice, and creating an atmosphere conducive to going deep within, in an enthusiastic, caring environment – with great music.Laurel has an extensive background in meditation and dreams that will help you to enhance your daily life with creativity and imagination. She is also the host of a television show which focuses on the yoga of life.

Laurel is focusing on Lunar Cycle rituals which help to align us to the various rhythms of our internal and external influences. Each phase offers a different perspective and interacts within your own psyche to create greater unfoldment.

The Lunar Cycle is an amazing way to align ourselves with the Cycles of life. Everything is a cycle, a spiral. Everything moves And within the containing, or not so containing cycles and circles We create the mandala of our life. The way we center ourselves as We move ever deeper into embracing the potential of who we are. She will offer each month on the full moon, Restorative Full Moon Yoga

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I wanted to title this blog Relation ships

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2009 by drea777

I wanted to talk about the sentence each relation ship is.

I wanted to encourage us to write a sentence about what we wanted in this relation ship, and then a sentence about what this relation ship actually turned out to be.

If this lands/is posted, soon, I will re turn without any entangling dangling relation ships.

Laurel aka Aisling

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