The scenario revised a wee bit more

The Scenario:

Your character is alone in an unfamiliar city. His or her vehicle isn’t operational, and s/he doesn’t know what to do. A stranger approaches.

My vagrant lungs and insouciant toes reach towards friendly memories, like the kindred scent of peat, or wild sea-smoke, embracing entangling, me. I walk from wild-lands into the city, tonight, at gloaming. In the city, I am alone, assaulted by menacing sounds, trampling sensations, as if I am an abandoned trampoline. As the cities itinerant footfalls warp my ability to respond, my vibrating body quivers under the onsaughlt/

cacophony. Vibrations quiver, resound and shoot lethal sparks into the musical instrument that is my body.

I force myself to remember that there is a vehicle which awaits me, here, now. But my body is the vehicle, the only vehicle that matters.

No one navigates this vehicle, as we segue from wild scape to city scape. Heather peat scent transforms into petrol, cigarette and assaults of whisky. The footsteps become a menacing dirge of marching band, insouciant vagabonds- who care for no thing but the so called pleasures of tonight.

I see no-thing beyond the head lights of hinter lands; I taste the tear of tears before I realize my vantage point has been obscured. I am lost, there is no one, never has been anyone to call.

I scream, as if …. No one notices, or pretends to notice. Did I even scream aloud?I am almost certain that I did, what?

There is zero feedback. How can I navigate with zero feedback in the city?

In the wilderness, the only feedback, I need, is ocean waves, a wave and a breath at a time. I am so alone. The city is screaming, I also scream, no one listens, I am……………………

A stranger approaches, a wild cloaked messenger of feathers and wild dangly chimes. She steals my breath, and I let her. She extends exquisite fingers around my throat. I do not mind. I have no mind. She has what was left of me.

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