histrionic catacombs


terribly histrionic catacombs

hug yay uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh devil

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3 Responses to histrionic catacombs

  1. seana says:

    Hey, Laurel–

    Well, I must admit that your lead up blog is very intriguing! I’m just writing to connect and ask what log in name you’re using on Nano.

  2. drea777 says:


    fabulous to hear from you..

    I’ll check and let you know.

    looking forward to nano.. i imagine i’m Aisling…but these daze, who knows…more soon..what is the best place to find you?

  3. seana says:

    Well, you can always find me at seana@cruzio.com. But on Nano your can look for essay.

    I’m game for nano this year, but am totally unsure whether I’m going with what I thought was the plan or something new that’s cropped up.

    I noticed there’s both a Forward Motion group and a Muse group. Haven’t signed into either yet, but I’m just getting started on the Nano forums.

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