descent – ascent – consent – content

d s e

descent secret entrance

hole stuck hole hole hole hole hole hole hole cartwheel hole pointing rose rose rose rose rose typing typing typing typing typing cartwheel danceline jackolantern good luck typing

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3 Responses to descent – ascent – consent – content

  1. Bond.... James Bond says:

    Why is it that “descent” sounds like it leads to something to be slightly wary of, whereas “ascent” is usually associated with something wonderful…ascent into Heaven….ascent to a higher plain…and on to “in the ascendency” etc etc?

    • drea777 says:

      Descent is far more important than ascent, or at least equal yin to the yang of ascent.
      Descending to the earth, the Soul, the feminine, the yin, the mystery.

  2. drea777 says:

    Really, that wild with the kids.

    E S D

    Evening Serenity Nascent

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