Laurel Kahaner, Transformational Counselor.


In my work I combine Yoga, Meditation, Astrology and Tarot; Dream work and the Creative process are involved.Symbols are Transformers of Consciousness.

I work symbolically.

I have a background in Jungian Psychology.

I have taught the Mysteries for a very long time.

The creative process and living from a deep place are central to my work.

Listening to the guidance, aligning with the guidance, being enriched

by the relationship with the deep Self nurture and nourish creativity.

I am available for private sessions.

Each session is created individually. We can combine Yoga, Meditation,

Astrology and Tarot. We can also work with one way of honoring the Mysterium Magnum.

I also teach classes.

There are ongoing classes, as well as new classes that evolve out of a moment

that wishes to be explored more deeply.

For more information or to make an appointment

Please e-mail Laurel Kahaner

Transformational Counselor.

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