To Gambol or To Gamble by Laurel – LSK

About Laurel Kahaner

“I write to save lives, perhaps mine,” pretty much encompasses any Alchemical Recipes/Writings Laurel Kahaner may conjure. She’s called her work Symbolic Bridging for decades because she enjoys when Mysteries combine in a myriad of unexpected ways. She teaches, counsels, writes, paints, dances, dreams and takes verra long walks in the Scottish Highlands and wonderfully, finds herself there.

Laurel aka….



Written by Laurel Kahaner.


The night isn’t a hoax nor is the familiar scent of morphine.

Uptown the wager is to gamble on a riddle that

purports to lead to the Philosopher’s Stone.  I gambol more than amble

towards the castle of the intrepid Riddle Master. If my guess is defective morphine will muddle the labyrinthian riddle maze.

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